*Bling Bling*

If you have the pleasure of knowing me, it should be apparent to you by now that one day I will be extremely rich. You would also know that I have a fondness towards luxury automobiles, Cadillacs, Jaguars, BMWs, Mercedes, etc... In the Future, with the aid of my millions of dollars, I plan to acquire a solid gold Bentley. I kid you not.

Pictured above: The solid gold Bentley, in a tropical location where I will most likely reside.

Sometime within the next few years I will contact the Bentley Corporation and ask for an estimate on such a car. Undoubtedly they will do the rich person's equivalent of laughing in my face. They will not hear from me for a few more years, when out of the blue I will show up at their main office with a briefcase full of money. I will bring up how rudely they previously treated me, explaining to them that it is a privilege to have my business. I will then use this as a negotiating tactic when buying the car, getting it at what I would consider to be a bargain for such a fine custom automobile, somewhere around $10,000,000.