Elastic collision explained a la creative story:

Once upon a time in a far away land which existed on a giant air track, there lived 4 glider people. Two medium sized gliders, a small glider child, and one large old man glider.

One day they were all sitting around when the two medium gliders said they had learned a trick. The first one stood still, while the second got a gliding start and hit the other. After they hit each other the first one had stopped, while the second one went gliding off at the same speed the first had hit him with. The big glider thought to himself, for he was the smartest “Humph, that’s no trick, that just elastic collision.”

The little glider was very excited and said “Ohh, me next, me next!” The big glider, not amused by the trick, wanted to teach the small glider a lesson.

The small glider stood still while the big glider got a gilding start. He hit the small glider and sent the glider child flying away faster than he himself had started, and was still moving himself! The little glider child was angry and got mad at the old man glider.

The old man glider warned the child glider that he couldn’t beat him in a collision. One day the old man glider was asleep, the little child glider snuck up quietly, got a gliding start and wham! He hit the old man glider with all his might. To his surprise the little child glider started to move backwards, the old man glider woke up, and as he was gliding away from the small glider he shouted “You’ll never beat me, its elastic collision!”

The moral of the story is that the smaller glider will always get beasted by the larger one, whether hitting it or being hit by it.