Real World

Tuesday night in college. I am sitting at my computer wondering, should I start the homework that I desperately need to do to get an A in psych, or should I watch the new episode of Real World on MTV. Being in a mood to enhance my cultural awareness, I turned the TV on. I hoped to learn about problems that any reasonably intelligent human being could solve or avoid, through the cast of Real World.

After watching Real World, I felt as if I had wasted half an hour of my life. I would have been more productive milking a cow or something. It was a "feel-good" episode or some nonsense like that. MTV should realize that scripting such episodes of Real World couldn't be good for ratings. People, such as myself, have certain expectations from a show like Real World. These expectations include, but are not limited to: very attractive people acting irresponsibly, abusing substances, fighting about stupid little things, living in a house none of them will ever be able to afford and working a pretend made for TV job which they can't do well if their lives depended on it.

Earlier someone pointed out that if you want to see the real world, go outside. I thought to myself, yes, this is true. But for those of us ill prepared for the unrelenting winter months, shows like Real World provide us a convenient weekly way to experience what those of us who live in pleasant sunny places can daily. From the comfort of my bean chair I can see how real the world is, without exerting any effort at all. This is what all of you are becoming. Boo to that I say.